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Shared World of Three

I think it’s fairly obvious I am not (yet) a very dutiful blogger. I have, however, been getting back in the habit of writing. I’m having a lot of trouble working on large writing projects like a novel — even though when I was younger, that’s what I worked on almost exclusively. But even then, I never finished a project. I’ve discovered that I am much more likely to start and complete a short story when working of a prompt.

I completed a short story a few weeks ago for a writer’s challenge, where we all worked off of the same prompt. I finished it minutes just before the deadline: midnight. Oh, the adrenaline! I was wired. Now, I love sleep. I may spend more time sleeping than I do with my husband, and I am almost always asleep by 11pm.

I could not get to sleep until after 3am. I was alive.  The story wasn’t very good; It needed polishing, but I had FINISHED it.

And then I finished another.

Before I realized it, ideas were flowing through my head like they haven’t since I was a kid! Characters started popping in for tea and assassinations – everything spawned an idea.

But then life got in the way, the writing put on pause, the ideas dried up; I have to give myself a good kick in the bottom. So this is my kick in the bottom: The Rule of Three Blogfest. Four weeks of prompts based in a shared world.

I’m pretty darn excited.


4 responses to “Shared World of Three

  1. bornstoryteller October 3, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Hi Crista:
    Welcome to The Rule of Three Blogfest and the town of Renaissance. Glad to have you aboard.

    Do you have a section to follow your blog through email? I’m trying to limit my rss reading: it got too large. This way, all the #REN3 blogs I can put into one folder to read. Let me know.

    Again, thanks. Any questions, let me or one of the other hosts know if we can help you.

    Tale Spinning

  2. ladysknight October 4, 2011 at 8:47 am

    came by to read your story will be back. should be fun to get to know writers and writing styles

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