Crista Ayers

I hate socks.

Starting Simple

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog. (Duh, Crista – write!) But what to write? I finally decided to start simple, outlining my writing goals and post a weekly update on how well I’m meeting them. Simple, boring, good for accountability. My timing, however, is fantastic, as I firmly decided Sunday that this week is to be focused on all things new apartment: painting, moving, organizing, cleaning. I set up two weeks of overlap between the old and new apartments to make this move less stressful than all previous moves.

Summary of Previous Moves:
Okay. I have finished my last final/(finally) got a new job and we have two days to get out of the dorm/move to a new city. Box everything we possibly can up – wait! No! Not the dog. I know I said everything, but let’s be reasonable. Ummm… I don’t know where that goes. Put it in a box. Any box. Out of boxes? Grab a garbage bag.

Almost done. We just have a bunch of random stuff left. Do we have any more garbage bags? I’ll sort it out later.

The most memorable incident involved me leaving a day before my husband and a friend were to drive a U-HAUL truck to our new apartment.

Phone call #1: He did what?! How do you get a U-Haul stuck on a building? Didn’t he hear it? Didn’t he SEE it? He impaled it on the side. A three foot long hole. I don’t even.

Phone call #2: They’re sending out another tow truck because the first one was too small. Of course it was.

Phone call #3: What?! Those @#$*! will NOT charge us for two tow trucks AND damage. This is why I @#$*ing bought insurance! I’m gonna call them and….

(Husband and friend made it safely a couple days later, and there was indeed a three foot long hole in the U-Haul. And we didn’t have to pay for any of it. Always buy insurance.)

So this time, we’re taking it easy. This is a move of choice, not necessity. But to keep it “easy,” I need to keep going: packing, moving, organizing. I need to keep this a bunch of little jobs that I tackle one at a time, one after another to keep them from becoming one monster Godzilla of a job.

All this to say I’ve forbidden myself from writing for the week. (This blog doesn’t count – I wrote it up during lunch and then typed it at work.)

BUT here are my goals:

  • Write 1000 words a week (blog doesn’t count)
  • Write a blog post once a week updating how well I’ve met my goals

I need to start simple. Once I get in a good habit of writing every week, and then every day, I’d like to add on specific goals of short stories, finishing a novel, writing an article, increasing the number of blog posts, etc. But small, achievable steps, one at a time.


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