Crista Ayers

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An Experiment in the Making

I’ve never queried an agent or publisher, but I intend to publish independently. I’m not scared that I wouldn’t be able to snag an agent or sell a book, though I suspect I would have a 50/50 chance of either if I went the traditional route. The world of independent publishing is opening up, but it still carries the stigma of “not good enough”. I believe this is going to change. There will always be awful books published, traditionally or independently, but the good can succeed.

Part of the reason I’ve decided to go the independent route is this blog post by Kristen Lamb: The World of the Mushroom-Eater–Learning to Embrace Risk. Someone has to take the first bite. The mushroom eaters take that first bite, and find out what is poison. They may pay dearly, but they pave the way for the next generation, letting them know what works, and what doesn’t. Which ties in to Amanda Hocking’s comment that we are all on the same side, Team Writer, not Indie vs. Traditional. Several traditionally published authors have been crossing over to independent. Some independents have made the cross over to traditional. To me, it doesn’t matter how you do what you love, as long as you get to do it.

The other reason I’ve decided to self publish is that I have a goal of working from home by 2015. If I can make any money from writing, that will make me that much closer to my goal. I’m not worried about bearing the stigma of an indie writer, because right now, I don’t have plans to go traditional at any point. I believe that I can make more money as an independent than attempting to pursue the traditional path.

I don’t write for the money. Who does, in the fiction world? But I do believe that choosing the independent path gives me the opportunity to make more than the traditional path, which lets me focus more on writing, and less on trying to make a living some other way. Call it an experiment. I’m excited to see what happens.

But, it’s all theory until I finish my book.


2 responses to “An Experiment in the Making

  1. educlaytion February 12, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Congrats Crista! Way to set goals and get after it. Best wishes to you.

  2. Maria Papadopoulou April 7, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    When you work, you deserve to be paid for it. Unless you write a best seller, no, you won’t become a millionaire, but you will get paid. And getting paid, often helps you take what you do more seriously. There are many people out there providing all kinds of services for free…and because of that, they do not care much about the quality of their work. They do not care if they are going to receive negative feedback, exactly because they will have nothing to lose. They will find someone else to sell their ”work” for free.

    You can definitely try self-publishing, if you do not want to go through the traditional route. I have read several self -published books that I enjoyed. Many people are quick to assume that those who choose self- publishing were not accepted by publishers. This is not always the case. There are people who never even tried to traditional route.

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